Power Distribution - Cable Termination Kits

Cold Shrink & Heat Shrink Joints & Terminations

RE supply both cold shrink and heat shrink cable terminations – conventional heat shrink terminations continue to be most extensively used to connect cables into air insulated cable boxes, switchgear and transformers providing stable performance in industrial installations located both indoors (substations) and outdoors (pole-mounted overhead line) applications.

Increasingly, cold shrink terminations and joints are preferred with less installation steps reducing scope for jointer error and the consistency of application achieved due to the elimination of the skill sensitive requirement to apply consistent and even surface heating to heat shrink terminations.

Heat Shrink Termination

Cable terminations and joints for use on MV HV electrical power distribution systems should only ever be installed by trained and competent Jointers in accordance with the manufacturers installation instructions – RE can provide expert technical support to ensure the supply of the correct cable accessory for medium/high voltage cables.