Power Distribution - Insulation Enhancement

Thin Wall

Applications : It is widely used in the field of communication, electronics, automobile etc.

Features: Shrink Ratio: 2:1 to 9:1
Operating temp.: -55 C to +125 C
UV resistant(black)
Minimum fully recovery temperature: 110 ℃

Medium Wall

It is made from radiation cross-linked polyolefin, Designed for applications to seal and protect power cable joints from 11kV to 36kV.

Features: High insulation
Heavy wall
Application up to 36kV
Min.full recovery temp.: 120 ℃

Heavy Wall Tubing

Applications: It is designed for applications to seal and protect electrical splices, cable terminations and joints where electrical insulation and water proof are required. 3:1 shrink ratio allows it easily fit over irregular shape and large connectors.

Features: Dual wall, hot melt adhesive lined by co-extrusion
Resistant to UV-radiation
High electrical insulation
Superior mechanical property
Minimum fully recovery temperature: 120 ℃

Busbar Tube:

Bus Tube is heat shrinkable tube designed to insulate busbar systems up to 36KV & to protect against accidental flashover. The tubes are manufactured from high quality non tracking crosslinked polyolefin material. Meets ANSI C37.20.2 standards for MV switchgear application up to 36 KV.

Mastic tape:

Applications: The anti-tracking sealing mastic is made from a non-toxic, butyl composite. The self amalgamating and solvent free make the mastic effectively used in sealing cable joints and terminations to provide waterproof and void-filling.

Features: stress relief mastic.
anti-tracking mastic.
black sealing mastic.

KC 71 EPR High Voltage Insulation Tape

It is highly conformable, self-fusing ethylene propylene rubber(EPR), high insulting tape.KC71 is used for main insulation applications of cable and other electrical devices up to69KV.

VULCAN 80 Weather Seal / Weather Proof Electrical Insulation Mastic Tape

Vulcan 80 waterseal mastic tape is a new generation Made from EPR and butyl rubber. Vulcan 80 is produced according to a new improved formula, which is a fusion of all Advice from the base station staff. It has the new characteristics of being light & thin And easy to be operated.

Busbar Tape:

High Voltage Busbar Tapes are heat shrink, adhesive-coating tapes which provide insulation enhancement and protection against accidentally induced flashovers.