Power Distribution - Moulded Parts

Black BreakOuts:

Applications: The electrically semi-conductive property of the breakout provides effective conductive screen and sealing protection to the cable terminations. The breakout can be used to cable terminations up to 36kV.

Features: 3 Cores Conductive Cable Breakout.
Minimum shrink temperature: 110 ℃
Minimum fully recovery temperature: 130 ℃

End Caps:

Applications: HSEC is recommended for applications both in open air and underground power distribution cables with PVC ,lead or XLPE sheaths.

Features: Cable end caps with spiral adhesive coating.
Effectively offering protection against oxidation, ozone,
Coated with conductive mastic to ensure environment seal
Easily to fit into the cable end
Minimum fully shrink temperature: 120 ℃

Red Breakouts:

Applications: Used to provide insulation protection for cable outdoor termination.

Features: Anti- Tracking Rain Shed
Shrink Ratio: 2-3:1
Minimum fully shrink temperature: 130 ℃