Power Distribution - MRO Tapes

3M (MRO Tapes)

Tapes from 3M for Electrical Maintenance & Repair Operations consist of high-performance vinyl electrical tapes for jacketing & protecting, highly conformable rubber tapes and self-fusing vinyl mastics for padding, insulation and sealing.
3M Scotch® Vinyl tapes provide high dielectric strength along with resistance to moisture, UV rays, abrasion, corrosion, alkalis and acids. The aggressive, pressure-sensitive, rubber-based adhesive of the vinyl electrical tape performs well at both high and low temperatures. The fade-resistant colors of these vinyl tapes ensure fast identification of electrical phases, leads, piping and safety areas. Vinyl tapes from 3M provide primary electrical insulation for up to 600 volts and are effective in jacketing applications for high-voltage cables and wire harnessing.

Easi Repair Wrap

It combines industrial-strength fibers and specialized resins into a wrap that bonds to almost anything, hardens like steel, and provides a permanent fix. Using Easi Repair Wrap, you can fix things that either could not be fixed before or could not be fixed inexpensively.

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Conductor Cover

Conductor Covers are extruded silicone rubber tubes designed for field installation overbare conductors to insulate them from adjacent phases, grounded equipment, and animal contact. Thesecovers are made with a full-length longitudinal bias cut to allow for easy slip-on installation, and providean increased creepage distance between the conductor and the outer surface of the cover.The covers are offered in two thickness sizes for covering both 15 kV and 25 kV rated conductors, and areavailable in ACSR conductor sizes from 2 AWG–266 kcmil.
Features: Excellent UV, arc and ozone resistance Good dielectric strength, conformability and cold weather installation munsel grey color Bias cut enables easy field installation without any special tools Voltage15–25 kV