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Electrical Products

  • Wires & Cables/ Cable Accessories (Push On Heat & Cold Shrinkable/ Cold Applied) up to 132 KV.
  • Thin/ Medium/ Heavy Wall Heat shrink Tubes and accessories.
  • LT & HT Capacitors (up to 132 KV)/ Capacitor Panels.
  • Circuit Breakers.
  • Motor Protection Relays.
  • LED Aviation/ Industrial Lighting Fixtures.
  • Servo Voltage Stabilizers & Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS).
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Telecom Products

  • OFC/ PIJF Cable Accessories, Data Networking Products.
  • Fibre Management Systems, Wireless, Wireline Data Networking Products.

Soft Hard

  • Micro Processor Motor Protection Relay.

Lightning Protection

  • ESE Type Lightning Protection Systems.

Welding Equipment

  • Welding Transformers/ Rectifiers/ TIG/ CO2 Mig/ Sub Merged Arc M/c’s.

Corrosion Protection (Cortec India)

  • VPCI Corrosion Inhibiting Additives for Coatings, Fluids, Adhesives and Plastic, VPCI for Flat Rolled Steel Production, VPCI Packaging Products, VPCI Surface Preparation Products, VPCI Water Treatment Products, VPCI for Oil, Gas and Process Industries, for Military Preservation Worldwide etc.
  • MCI Concrete Protection Products.
Energe - LT/HT Capacitors upto 132 kv RPG/ Teracom/ Shriram Cables upto 132 kv Schirtec - Austria Lightning Protection Early Streamer Emission Type onvey - UPS Servo Stabilizers Distribution Transformers Weld Matrix - Welding Equipments ACS - Heat Shrink Tubes Instapower - Led Aviation Lights Cortec - Anti Corrosion Raychem - Telecom Products Raychem - Heat Tracing Energe - VCB's3M-MSEAL Cable Joints CG Lighting Solutions & LED Lighting ProductsNITEL: FLAME/ Explosion PROOF EQUIPMENT